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English IV 

Mrs. Robyn Mantooth/Mrs. Tricia Cole

Required Materials: a writing utensil, notebook paper, and folder 

Attendance and make-up work policy:  

  1. Make-up work is accepted for excused absences. You, the student, are responsible for work missed for excused absences. One week from the date of an absence is allowed for tests and daily work to be made up. This work must be completed. 

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to get assignments from the teacher. This includes tests and quizzes.  If you were present when an assignment was given, you are responsible for turning it in on the due date even if you are absent between the assignment date and the due date.  

  1. Four or more tardies will result in punishment. 

  1. Follow all rules in the student handbook for recording an absence. Please see Mrs. Annette Slaven, attendance secretary, for any questions or concerns regarding your attendance record. 

  1. Please be careful with your attendance, your grades, and your discipline during senior year. Multiple tardies and unexcused absences can result in a loss of great privileges that you can never get back (senior trip, prom, walking the line at graduation, etc).  


Students will be required to complete all reading and writing assignments. Most of the reading assignments will be from the textbook, Elements of Literature: Sixth Course Essentials of British and World Literature. 


Informational essays, reflections, a research paper, and a legacy speech. 

All typing/writing must be done at school.  Be certain to save all work to your network folder to prevent it from being lost. I am a big fan of using Google Docs. I highly recommend it!  


Tests will count as 60% of your grade. Quizzes (which count as two daily grades) and daily work will count as 40%.  The semester test will count as 20% of your overall grade (course average). It is required that you complete the ILP and acquire at least a 65% class average.  All of these requirements must be fulfilled in order for you to graduate.  


Classroom Guidelines 

It is one of my main priorities to create a comfortable learning atmosphere. In order to do this I need your help by doing the following: 

  • Be respectful and encourage others.  

  • Do not use insulting or offensive language or gestures. 

  • Do not interrupt or be disruptive. 

Other ways to help have a great and successful school year: 

  • Be on time with your attendance and homework. When the bell rings, I’m ready to start! 

  • Be prepared. Bring everything you need to class. Repeatedly not bringing materials to class will result in punishment. 

  • Please don’t ask to go the restroom while in my classroom: go between classes. If you must go due to an emergency, an escort will be called.   

  • Do not cheat! Plagiarism will not be tolerated in my classroom. The school has adopted a strict policy on cheating. 

  • Be present. It is difficult to have class when students are missing. Your grade will be affected as well. 

  • Be attentive.  Please do not fall asleep in class and try to eat breakfast before school begins. If you feel weak, hungry, or thirsty, please tell me and we will take care of the situation.     

  • Pay attention to the teacher, student(s), or guest speaker that is presenting valuable information. 

  • Cell phones need to be on silent. If you are awaiting an important call, please tell me. Phone calls need to be made out in the hallway and not while I am teaching. 

  • Properly throw away your trash! Our classroom has two large trashcans that are used for this purpose. *Trash includes small candy wrappers, pieces of paper, etc.  

  • If you are in my 1st period, please stand when the Pledge of Allegiance is being recited. 

I am always willing to hear your concerns. Let me know if you do not understand one of the guidelines above, as well as any assignment that I give to you. In order for us to have a great school year, we need to communicate. Our goal for this year is to work on your reading and writing abilities and make it your best!  

I am looking forward to working with you! yes


Robyn Mantooth     Room 210 Ext. 6210

Adair County Schools1204 Greensburg Street
Columbia, KY 42728

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