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I can...statements

Reading “I CAN” Statements

Literature Text

  • RL 3.1 I can ask and answer questions about a text.
  • RL 3.1 I can find answers to a question in the text.
  • RL 3.2 I can determine and explain the message, lesson or moral of the story.
  • RL 3.3 I can describe characters in a story.
  • RL 3.4 I can use context clues to determine the meaning of a word.
  • RL 3.5 I can refer to parts of a story such as the chapter, scene or stanza.
  • RL 3.5 I can describe the sequence of events.
  • RL 3.6 I can distinguish my point of view from the narrator or the characters.
  • RL 3.7 I can explain how illustrations help me understand the story.
  • RL 3.8 Not applicable to third grade.
  • RL 3.9 I can compare and contrast stories.
  • RL 3.10 I can read and comprehend third grade text independently and proficiently.


Informational Text

  • RI 3.1 I can ask and answer questions about a text.
  • RI 3.1 I can determine the main idea of a text and find key details.
  • RI 3.2 I can determine the main idea of a text and find key details.
  • RI 3.3 I can describe sequence and cause and effect.
  • RI 3.4 I can use context clues to determine the meaning of a word.
  • RI 3.5 I can use text features to understand the text.
  • RI 3.6 I can distinguish my point of view from the authors.
  • RI 3.7 I can use illustrations to better understand the text.
  • RI 3.8 I can use sequence to make connections between sentences and paragraphs.
  • RI 3.9 I can compare and contrast important points and key details from two text.
  • RI 3.10 I can comprehend informational text independently and proficiently. 


Foundational Skills

  • RF 3.3 I can decode words.
  • RF 3.3a I can identify and define the meaning of most common prefixes and suffixes.
  • RF 3.3b I can decode words with suffixes.
  • RF 3.3c I can decode multi syllable words.
  • RF 3.3d I can read grade appropriate irregularly spelled words.
  • RF 3.4 I can read and comprehend.
  • RF 3.4a I can read with purpose and understanding.
  • RF 3.4b I can read poetry accurately.
  • RF 3.4c I can use context to self-correct. 


Science Standards and I can statements


Construct an argument that some animals form groups that help member survive.

I can…explain why some animals form groups that help the members to survive.


3-LS4-2, 3-LS4-3, 3-ESS-1

 Use evidence to explain how the characteristics among individuals of the same species or in the same habitat may provide advantages in surviving predators, various weather conditions, impact of humans, finding mates and animals can help them survive.

I can…explain how characteristics like camouflage can help plants and animals to survive in their habitat.

 I can…use a graph to organize data show patterns of weather in a habitat.


3-5-ETS1-2, 3-5ETS1

Define a simple design problem and generate and compare multiple possible solutions to a problem based on how well each meets criteria can constraints of the problem.

 I can…design a structure and then observe and make changes or modifications to improve my design.

 I can…define a simple design problem.



Analyze and interpret data from fossils to provide evidence of the organisms and the environments in which they lived long ago.

I can…identify major fossil types and their relative ages.




Make a claim about the merit of a solution to a problem caused when the environment changes and the types of plants and animals that live there may change,

 I can…explain how changes in the environment like land characteristics, water distribution, food, temperature, or other organisms can effect the plants and animals that live in a habitat.




Represent data in tables and graphical displays to describe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season.

 I can…use a table or graph to describe weather in a habitat across the four seasons.




Obtain and combine information to describe climates in different regions of the world.

I can…explain the different climate zones in different parts of the world.



3-PS2-1, 3-PS2-2

Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence of the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object and how patterns can be used to predict future motion.

I can…explain how gravity is a force that pulls objects down.

 I can…explain the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces.

 I can…use cause and effect to explain how one motion can lead to another.



 -PS2-3, 3-PS2-4

Ask questions to determine cause and effect relationships of electric or magnetic interactions between two objects not in contact with each other and define a simple design problem.

I can…determine how the distance between two objects affects the strength of the force and how magnets affect the direction of the magnetic force.

 I can…construct a latch to keep a door shut or a device to keep two moving objects from touching one another.



Social Studies Standards and I can statements


The study of government and civics allows students to understand the nature of government and the characteristics of democracy including the role of citizens.

I can…explain how communities are alike and there different.

I can...identify ways how citizens can care for the environment.

I can…explain ways that communities change over time.

I can…describe the rights of citizens including voting.

I can…identify the three branches of government.

I can...explain how our local, state, and national governments work.



Culture is the way of life shared by a group of people including ideas and traditions.

I can…explain how different groups share their cultures in the U.S.

I can…explain ways that people express their cultures (holidays & traditions) in other countries.




Economics includes the study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

I can…identify consumers and producers and how they depend on one another.

I can…identify three types of resources used in business.

I can…explain why countries import and export goods.

I can…explain how to trade (barter) goods/services.

I can…understand supply and demand.




Geography includes the study of the five fundamental themes of location, place, regions, movement, and human/environmental interaction.

I can…use maps to find communities.

I can…find exact locations on a map.

I can…recognize and describe what a place looks like on a map (physical map).

I can…understand geographic tools (e.g., maps, globes, charts, graphs).




History is an account of events, people, ideas, and interactions over time. In order to understand the present and plan for the future, you must understand the past.

I can…understand how to read a timeline.

I can…identify inventions that have changed things like communication and transportation.

I can…explain the early cultures of Native Americans.

I can…identify how ancient civilizations influence life today.

I can…name the thirteen colonies.

I can…describe the changes that have led to growth of the United States.

I can…identify monuments, memorials, and holidays of our nation and what they represent.







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