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Studio Directing and Performance

Studio Directing and Performance

Course Description: This course explores the role of the director within the studio system. Students develop knowledge and skills in studio multi-camera and field television production. Students also develop performance skills for broadcasting including interpretation of copy, news casting, and ad lib announcing. The course covers techniques of narrative and non-fiction writing and scripting, the analysis and writing of radio, television, and video materials, including storytelling and screenwriting.



 1. Utilize methods to formulate multiple ideas, refine design goals increasing the originality of approaches in media arts creationprocesses.

2. Write proficient quality scripts for entertainment genre video productions,including visual poems, short narratives and music videos.

3. Write proficient quality scripts for persuasive genre video productions, includingpublic service announcements, commercials and promotional videos.

4. Identify news and feature story leads using a proficient knowledge of the news elements.

5. Cover news events for the production of proficient quality news and featurestory packages.

6. Apply a personal aesthetic in designing, testing and refining original design ideas, prototypes and production strategies for media arts productions.

7. Demonstrate choices in organizing and integrating content and stylistic conventionsin media arts production, demonstrating understanding of associated principles.

8. Refine aesthetic elements and technical components to form impactful expressionsin media art projects for specific purposes, intentions, audiences and contexts.

9. Select scripts for production determining how material should be interpreted and performed.

10. Research scripts determining how they should be directed.

11. Integrate various arts, media arts forms and academic content into unified mediaarts productions that retain thematic integrity and stylisticcontinuity.

12. Demonstrate proficient knowledge of camera operation skills, applying appropriate camera angles and demonstrating knowledge of depth of field and appropriatecamera placement.

13. Demonstrate proficient knowledge of lighting techniques as applied to studio andfield productions.

14. Apply proficient sound capture in studio and field productions demonstratingsound editing skills.

15. Direct productions in the studio and field demonstrating accomplished knowledge of compositional concepts and intended audience.

16. Demonstrate leadership and collaboration skills when working with peers.

17. Demonstrate skills in the use of computer software for video production and editing.

18. Demonstrate performance skills in news casting, radio announcing, hosting and adlib announcing.

19. Provide leadership in producing/directing and performing in narratives andnon-fiction productions.

20. Provide leadership when working with others to produce entertainment and persuasive genre video productions.

21. Obtain necessary copyright permissions complying with copyright regulations. 2017-2018 Media Arts Page 27 of 31

22. Produce scripts for information genre productions.

23. Analyze productions, evaluate programs success, creating future productiongoals.

24. Supervise and coordinate the work of camera, lighting, design and sound crewmembers.

25. Plan details such as framing, composition, camera movement, sound and actor movement for each shot or scene.

26. Direct live broadcasts, films and recordings, or non-broadcast programming forpublic entertainment or education.

27. Collaborate with technical directors, managers, crew members and writersdiscussing details of production.

28. Compile cue words, phrases and cue announcers, cast members and technicians during performances.

29. Identify and approve equipment and elements required forproductions.

30. Consult with writers, producers, or actors about script changes or "workshop" scripts, through rehearsal with writers and actors to create finaldrafts.

31. Demonstrate command of design, technical and soft skills in managing and producing media arts projects.

32. Demonstrate ability in creative and adaptive innovation abilities addressingchallenges within and through media arts productions.

33. Demonstrate adaptation and combination of tools, styles, techniques and interactivityto achieve goals in the production of a variety of media artdesigns.

34. Design a presentation and distribution of collections of media art designs through a variety of contexts, such as mass audiences and physical and virtualchannel.

35. Evaluate and implement improvements in presenting media art designs, considering personal, local, and social impacts.

36. Analyze the qualities and relationships of the components in a variety of mediaart designs and give feedback on how they impact an audience.

37. Analyze how a broad range of media art designs manage audience experience, create intention and persuasion through multimodal perception.

38. Analyze the intent, meanings and influence of a variety of media art designs, based on personal, societal, historical and cultural contexts.

39. Evaluate and give constructive critique of media art designs and productionprocesses.

40. Synthesize internal and external resources enhancing the creation of persuasive mediaart designs.

41. Demonstrate the use of media arts synthesizing new meaning andknowledge.

42. Demonstrate the relationships of media arts ideas and works to various contexts, purposes and values.

43. Investigate and interact with legal, technological, systemic and vocational contexts of media arts, considering ethics, media literacy, digital identity, and artist/audience interactivity.

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