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Algebra Syllabus


Adair County High School

Algebra 1 Syllabus



 Teacher: Mr. Chase Coffey                                          Room #: 127                       E-mail:  chase.coffey@adair.kyschools.us

Phone: 270-384-2751 (ACHS Office)                         Planning:  5th Period (12:50-1:45) Early Release (11:20-12:10)

Required Materials:

  • Pencil
  • Class folder or three ring binder (strongly recommended)

Course Description: This course is designed to expand the conceptual framework introduced in pre-algebra regarding expressions, equations, and inequalities. Throughout the year we will investigate and interpret the structure behind these expressions, introduce polynomials, create and solve equations that describe relationships, and uncover the uses of linear functions and inequalities.

Course Objectives: The main goal of this course is for everyone to learn in a positive and supportive environment and have fun doing so. This will take place through a variety of learning and instructional strategies which may include whole class instruction, learning centers and activities, small groups, self-paced instructional units, and individual or group assignments.

In regards to mathematics, we will make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, use abstract thought, construct and critique reasoning, model mathematics using appropriate tools, attend to precision, look for structure, and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Requirements/Assignments: Course assignments and tasks will vary throughout the school year. These tasks include daily flashbacks, individual practice, group assignments, participation during activities, note taking, quizzes, and tests. ALL STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO KEEP AND MANAGE A FOLDER FOR THEIR WORK. This folder may be kept in the room and should contain all of the flashbacks, notes, homework, and quizzes for each instructional unit. Students will be expected to monitor all graded work as well as complete goal setting and reflection forms throughout the year. By clearly outlining our goals and beginning with the end in mind you can achieve more than you thought possible.


Tests:                                    70%

Quizzes:                               30%

Total:                                     100%


A             90-100%

B             80-89%

C             70-79%

D             65-69%

F              64 or below

Grading Scale & Distribution: the following grading scale will be used throughout the high school this year. The distribution of quizzes and tests, however, is solely for the math department.  





Flashbacks: A “flashback” will be completed at the beginning of class each day using iPads, Plicker cards, or pencil and paper. You are responsible for answering the problem(s) on a daily basis for credit at the end of the week. These questions will highlight previously covered material and/or ACT style questions so it’s important to participate.


Daily Work: Group work, individual work, activities, and homework will all be tallied for a separate quiz grade every 3 weeks. In order to receive credit all work must completed and turned in on time. Homework can be completed using the resources available on your Schoology page (see Schoology section below).


Quizzes: Quizzes will be taken frequently to monitor your progress. If you score below an 80 on a quiz, you will be required to redo the quiz. Quiz grades will not be recorded until corrections have been made, meaning that if you do not make your corrections you will receive a zero for the quiz grade. Anything less than your best effort (i.e. “getting by”) will not be accepted in this classroom.  ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN on quizzes to receive full credit. You may not retake quizzes after the final grade has been recorded or after the respective unit. Notes may only be used on quizzes.


Tests: At the end of each instructional unit, a summative assessment will be given to determine comprehension of the material. Tests will be multiple choice, constructed response, or a combination of both. Tests may also be given in the form of a culminating activity, in which case you should give your best effort. Keeping an organized folder is crucial to performing well on the exam(s). Test corrections may be made no later than 1 week after the original score is recorded.  Further directions will be given at the time of completion.

Extended School Services (ESS): tutoring will be made available throughout the school year for those who desire more one-on-one instruction or are at risk of failing. Recommendations for ESS may be made to school officials at the teacher’s discretion followed by a phone call to the parent/guardian.

Deadlines/Late Work: Homework should always be completed by the following school day, while the deadline for projects and other assignments may vary. These due dates will be given as the assignments are issued. If you cannot meet a deadline of any kind, you should notify the instructor prior to the due date. IF YOU MISS THE DEADLINE WITHOUT AN EXTENSION, POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR FINAL SCORE OR YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO (0).

Hall Passes: Passes will be given at the teacher’s discretion and cannot be used during the first or last 10 minutes of class.

Student Leaders: every three weeks, students will be given the opportunity to fulfill certain classroom roles. These roles include:

  • Paper/Phone Manager: passes out graded work at the beginning of the class and answers phone calls during class.


  • Attendance/Materials Manager: gathers any supplies left out and returns them to their designated location (in the case of calculators/folders, records the number).


You may volunteer for these roles when they are available. Student managers who fulfill their duties on a daily basis may receive extra “Tech Time” during the 3 week period as well as rights to the Leader Lounge.


  • Be proactive, not reactive, in behavior. You have the initiative and responsibility to make things happen.
  • Start every endeavor with clearly defined goals and desired outcomes.
  • Organize your time around the most important things.
  • Consider other people’s well-being, as well as your own.
  • Listen before speaking.
  • Work with others by showing everyone respect.
  • Come to class prepared.

Daily Procedures:

  1. Enter the room (on time) and retrieve your folder and calculator before having a seat (unless you have a classroom role).
  2. Participate in class lessons/discussions by being courteous and respectful.
  3. Hall passes are to be taken AFTER THE LESSON has concluded. DO NOT interrupt class by asking to go somewhere.
  4. Each student’s desk area (including floor) should be clean before leaving. Failing to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Consequences: Consequences for disorderly or disruptive behavior will be handled at the teacher’s discretion. For more information please see the Adair County High School Student Handbook.

Cell Phone/Electronics Policy: A 5 minute Tech Time may be given at the conclusion of class if time permits. This also gives you time to return your belongings to their designated place. If the device is visible at any other time during class it will be confiscated; all day for the first offense and sent to the office to be retrieved by a parent or guardian for the second offense. A second offense will also result in a disciplinary referral which may include In-School Suspension. If the problem persists then further disciplinary action will be taken at the discretion of the school administrators. Bonus points will be given to those who turn their phone in each day. Put first things first by keeping your electronics put away!

Infinite Campus: Also known as the IC Parent Portal, Infinite Campus provides information to parents about their child’s attendance and academic records for each particular class. This can be accessed through the school’s webpage at www.adair.kyschools.us.

Academic Integrity: Every student is responsible for fostering a culture of academic honesty and maintaining the integrity and academic reputation of Adair County High School. As a student, you are not to give or receive any unauthorized aid on assignments, quizzes, or exams. Academic dishonesty is a serious offense, therefore students who are determined to have plagiarized or cheated on an assignment or test will receive a failing grade for the assignment in question as well as a disciplinary referral which may include but is not limited to suspension from school.

Extra Credit: to receive extra credit on the first assignment (Syllabus Scavenger Hunt), please sign and return the bottom portion of the last page of this syllabus. Packages of printer paper, packs of batteries (AAA), and pencils can count as extra credit at the beginning of the year. Each is worth an extra 5 points on the first quiz; up to 10 points possible (2 items). Due Monday. Extra credit may also be given for simply having the syllabus throughout the year.

Useful Apps/Resources

The following is a list of apps or resources that I recommend you utilize for class this year.

Remind Text Messaging Service (App not Required): Students and parents will be given the opportunity to sign up for a free text messaging service for updates regarding classroom assignments, deadlines, and test dates. To register, follow the instructions below for your particular class period. Remind will then message you the remaining steps you must take in order to complete your registration. Your number will not be visible, only the name you enter.

  • 1st Period Text @coffalg1 to 81010
  • 3rd PeriodText @coffalg3 to 81010

Schoology: www.schoology.com is a free education site that will be used throughout the year. Once enrolled in the course, you will be able to access notes, homework, and tutorial videos in case you’re absent or need help with daily assignments. Videos will be made for each homework assignment, allowing you to check your work at home and get extra practice with the material from class. The free Schoology app can be downloaded for Apple devices from iTunes. When signing up, choose the “Student” option and enter the code for your class (without the hyphen).

  • 1st Period  Access Code T22QW-7G3DH
  • 3rd Period  Access Code QK9PH-9ZPSQ

QR Code Reader: This free app can scan QR codes, barcodes, and even creates PDF files with the “san to PDF” feature. You can use this app to check answers and receive directions for various activities throughout the year.




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