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"I Can..." Statements

Language Arts "I can..." Statements


  • L3.1 I can use Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
  • L3.1a I can explain functions of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
  • L3.1b I can form and use regular and irregular plural nouns.
  • L3.1c I can use abstract nouns.
  • L3.1d I can form and use irregular and regular verbs.
  • L3.1e I can forma and use the simple verb tense.
  • L3.1f I can ensure subject-verb and pronoun antecedent agreement.
  • L3.1g I can form and use comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs and choose the correct one.
  • L3.1h I can use conjunctions.
  • L 3.1i I can produce simple, compound and complex sentences.
  • L 3.2 I can use correct English capitalization.
  • L 3.2a I can capitalize appropriate words in titles.
  • L 3.2b I can use commas in addresses.
  • L 3.2c I can use commas and quotations marks in dialogue.
  • L3.2d I can form and use possessives.
  • L3.2e I can use spelling for high frequency words and for adding suffixes to base words.
  • L3.2f I can use spelling patterns when writing words.
  • L3.2g I can consult dictionaries to check spelling.
  • L3.3 I can use my knowledge of language when writing, speaking, reading or listening.
  • L3.3a I can choose words or phrases for effect.
  • L3.3b I can recognize the differences between the conventions of spoken and written English.
  • L3.4 I can determine the meaning of multiple meaning words.
  • L3.4a I can use context clues to find the meaning of a word of phrase.
  • L 3.4b I can determine the meaning of a new word formed when a suffix or prefix is added.
  • L3.4c I can use a root word to determine the meaning of a word.
  • L 3.4d I can use glossaries or dictionaries to determine the meaning of a word.
  • L3.5 I can demonstrate understanding of word relationships and nuances in word meaning.
  • L3.5a I can distinguish literal and non-literal word meanings.
  • L 3.5b I can explain words and their real life connection.
  • L 3.5c I can distinguish meaning among related words that describe states of mind or degrees of certainty.
  • L3.6 I can use grade appropriate conversation, words and phrases.
  • Writing
  • W3.1 I can write and opinion piece.
  • W3.1a I can introduce a topic and list reasons.
  • W3.1b I can provide reasons that support my opinion.
  • W3.1c I can use linking words to connect my reasons.
  • W3.2 I can write an informative text.
  • W3.2a I can introduce a topic and include illustrations.
  • W3.2b I can develop a topic with facts and details.
  • W 3.2c I can use linking words to connect ideas.
  • W3.2d I can provide a concluding statement.
  • W3.3 I can write a real or imagined narrative.
  • W3.3a I can establish a situation and introduce characters.
  • W3.3b I can use dialogue in my narrative.
  • W3.3c I can use temporal words and phrases to signal order.
  • W3.3d I can provide closure.

    Speaking and Listening


  • SL3.1  I can engage in discussions with my peers
  • SL3.1a I can be prepared for discussions.
  • SL3.1b I can follow rules for discussions.
  • SL3.1c I can ask questions to check understanding.
  • SL3.1d I can explain my own ideas.
  • SL3.2 I can determine the main idea of a text read aloud.
  • SL3.3 I Can ask and answer questions about info from a speaker.
  • SL3.4 I can report on a topic with details clearly and with an understandable pace.
  • SL3.5 I can create an audio recording.
  • SL3.6 I can speak in complete sentences. 
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