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Government Learning Targets

Chapter 1
Government of the people, by the people, for the people
1.       Examine why people need governments.
2.       Identify the functions of government.
The Path to Citizenship
3.       Describe how people become U.S. citizens.
4.       Explain how both legal and illegal aliens can live in the United States.
The Diversity of Americans
5.       Discuss how and why Americans represent diverse cultures.
6.       Name the values that hold Americans together.
Chapter 2
Our English Heritage
1.       Examine English traditions of limited and representative government.
2.       Describe how the colonists transplanted English ideas of government to America.
The Birth of a Democratic Nation
3.       Identify the ways the British government tried to tighten control over its American colonies.
4.       Describe the ways American colonists resisted and rejected British control.
The Nation’s First Governments
5.       Describe how the original states fashioned their constitutions.
6.       Explain why the Articles of Confederation were ineffective.
Chapter 3
The Road to the Constitution
1.       Identify the delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention.
2.       Discuss the rules adopted to conduct business at the Constitutional Convention.
Creating and Ratifying the Constitution
3.       Describe the plans of government offered by delegates at the Constitutional Convention.
4.       Identify the compromises agreed upon by the delegates.
The Structure of the Constitution
5.       Describe how the Constitution is organized.
6.       Explain what the three parts of the Constitution accomplish.
Principles Underlying the Constitution
7.       Discuss how the Framers of the Constitution structured the U.S. government to limit its scope and distribute power.
8.       Identify the principles of government contained in the U.S. Constitution.
Chapter 4
The First Amendment
1.       Explain how the First Amendment protects basic freedoms.
2.       Define limits to First Amendment freedoms.
Other Guarantees in the Bill of Rights
3.       Describe how the Bill of Rights protect the rights of the accused.
4.       Name other rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
Extending the Bill of Rights
5.       Discuss how the Civil War amendments were intended to extend civil liberties to African Americans.
6.       Understand how the 17th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, and 26th, Amendments extended voting rights.
The Civil Rights Struggle
7.       Identify gains won by the civil rights movement.
Chapter 5
The Duties and Responsibilities of Citizenship
1.       Identify the legal duties of U.S. citizenship.
2.       Describe the voluntary responsibilities of citizenship help the United States fulfill its democratic goals.
Volunteering in Your Community
3.       Explain the necessity for volunteers in the United States.
4.       Identify the ways people volunteer.
Environmental Issues (Ch. 14, Sec. 3)
5.       Describe environmentalism.
6.       Identify the ways the government attempts to stop air and water pollution.
Chapter 6
How Congress is Organized
1.       Explain how Congress is organized.
2.       Examine the role of committees in Congress.
The powers of Congress
3.       Identify the powers the Constitution gives to Congress.
4.       Cite the powers the Constitution denies to Congress.
Representing the People
5.       Describe the benefits that members of Congress enjoy.
6.       Understand the duties of congressional support staff.
How a Bill Becomes a Law
7.       Describe how bills introduced and how they work their way through Congress.
8.       Identify what actions a president can take once a bill has been passed by Congress.
Chapter 7
The President and Vice President
1.       Name the qualifications for becoming president.
2.       Explain how a president is elected.
The President’s Job
3.       Identify constitutional powers of the president.
4.       Discuss the roles of the president.
Making Foreign Policy
5.       Enumerate the goals of foreign policy.
6.       Distinguish between the roles of the president and Congress in making foreign policy.
Presidential Advisers and Executive Agencies
7.       Describe how the Executive Office of the President helps the president.
Chapter 8
The Federal Court System
1.       Explain how the federal court system developed.
2.       Identify the kinds of cases handled in federal courts.
How Federal Courts are Organized
3.       Contrast the three levels of federal courts.
4.       Explain how federal judges are selected.
The United States Supreme Court
5.       Identify the powers of the Supreme Court.
Deciding Cases at the Supreme Court
6.       Explain the steps taken by the Supreme Court in deciding which cases to hear.
7.       Describe the factors that influence Supreme Court decisions.
Chapter 27
Types of Government
1.       Identify the types of governments in existence.
2.       Explain why nations are changing from authoritarian rule to a more democratic form of government.
A Profile of Great Britain
3.       Identify the parts of the British constitution.
4.       Explain how Great Britain selects it prime minister.
A Profile of China
5.       Describe how the Chinese economic system developed after World War II.
6.       Understand how China’s government is structured.
Chapter 28
Global Developments
1.       Explain how nations of the world are economically and politically interdependent.
2.       Describe how nations are addressing economic and environmental issues.
The United Nations
3.       Show how the United Nations is structured.
4.       Discuss how the United Nations attempts to promote peace.
Democracy and Human Rights
5.       Identify reasons many nations are turning to a more democratic form of government.
6.       Recall actions being taken to safeguard human rights.
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