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Expectations and Grading System



                         Mr. Froedge’s
                         Expectations and Grading System
I would like to make clear what is expected in my classroom. I want our time together to be one of learning and mutual respect. I will be as fair and consistent as possible throughout the year. I ask that you and your parents/guardian go over this together.
  1. Be respectful and courteous to everyone at all times.
  2. Be prompt to class, tardies are counted. 3 tardies equals 1 write-up (school policy).
  3. Come to class prepared, including book, pencil, paper, assignment, and folder and/or foldable. Special items or other materials will be announced the day before. You will NOT be running back to your locker. 
  4. All students will be expected to listen and take notes over material being covered.
  5. Any form of CHEATING (on homework or test) will receive a ZERO and could be turned into Mrs. Owens in the form of a write-up.
  6. All work is to be turned in on time. No late work. This is for anyone in class today; the assignment is due the next day. Exceptions will be addressed on an individual basis: If you are sick, had to go out of town or some other EMERGENCY occurs. I will need a note from the parent/guardian stating the date and emergency. Notes will be accepted unless they become excessive.   
  7. Absences are addressed in school handbook. Excused absent = 2 days, Unexcused absent = 1 day for make-up work. However, I will work with you if you will come and talk to me. I know you have several classes and may need to have more time. 
  8. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get missed assignments. I recommend that you buddy up with another student to get assignments.  
I believe that by working together (parents/guardian, student, and myself) that we can create a positive, hard-working, responsible young man or woman. Now is the time for you (the student) to learn to be a responsible individual. I will do all that I can to encourage and help you in this endeavor. 
Grading System
Grading Scale
Grades will be weighted as follows:
Tests/Projects                60%
Quizzes/Daily                 40%
Lowest Quiz/Daily grade will be dropped.
4                                                 100%               A         Distinguished
3                                                        80%               B         Proficient
2                                                        59%                F          Apprentice     
1                                                        39%                F          Novice
0                                    0%                F         
Open-Responses will be counted as a Test grade. The state does not count anything below a 3 as passing. 
 Projects will also be counted as a Test grade. 
Possible consequences for disruptive/disrespectful behavior in class.
Change of seating
Stand in corner
Moved to hall
Loss of privileges (break, activities, trips, etc.)
Lunch detention
Writing assignment
Sent to office
These will be given at my discretion, depending on severity of behavior.
Just a Reminder
Cell phones are to be turned off. If it is out or on, it is mine. If I take your phone, I will not give it back to you. Your parents/guardian will be notified to come and get it. If you forget to turn it off, just ask your teacher before getting it out. I will gladly allow you to turn it off. I do not want you getting into trouble over something like that. 
Also, backpacks are to be left in lockers.  The classes are too full and they become a trip hazard.  Safety first!!!
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