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Syllabus and Course Description

Adair County Middle School

(Always Challenging Middle School Students to Succeed)

8th Social Studies Syllabus

Instructor: Trent Hadley                          Email: trent.hadley@adair.kyschools.us                          Phone: 270-384-5308

Class Description: Social Studies in eighth grade examines the history of the United States from the early exploration until the Civil War (1492-1865).  History, Civics, Economics, and Geography will be incorporated into each study.  We delve in many conditions and factors which influence how history occurred.



  1. Expand knowledge of historic events.
  2. Improve reading and comprehension skills.
  3. Improve skills such as concentration skills, reasoning skills and application of knowledge to real life situations.
  4. Improve listening skills.
  5. Strengthen analytical skills by mapping, graphing, charts, diagrams.
  6. Perfect critical thinking skills.
  7. Perfect cause/effect relationships.
  8. Enhance knowledge of United States government processes.
  9. Heighten consciousness of man’s relationship to his environment


Evaluation: The Adair County Middle School grading scale will be followed.  Grade will derive from:

      Daily- 40%



Parents: If you do have Infinite Campus access or password, I HIGHLY recommend discussing with me how to get access in order to be able to check your child’s grades frequently.



  • You are expected to be in class, prepared, and ready to learn on time every day.
  • Being in class means being in your assigned seat when class begins.
  • Being prepared for class means having all class materials: bell ringer, sharpened pencil, and any other items needed in order to be successful during our class period.
  • Being ready to learn does not mean dropping your things at your desk and returning to the hall to socialize.
  • Being ready to learn does not mean sitting until class starts then getting up to sharpen your pencil or getting your bell ringers.
  • I view the 8th grade year as a time to prepare students for high school, for that reason I place the responsibility for turning in classwork and making up any missing assignments due to absence on the student.


Consequences for not being ready to learn when class starts could include discipline action, i.e. documented discussion, parent contact, loss of reward time, office referrals, exclusion from extracurricular activities or other consequences deemed appropriate by school staff.


You are expected to respect yourself, respect others, respect your environment.

“Respect is earned, not given”


  • Respecting yourself means setting yourself up for success and trying your best at all times.  Do not cut corners, submit work less than your best, being unprepared, procrastinate, or otherwise set yourself up for failure.  Only you are responsible for your successes and failures in your life, and you make choices that affect that outcome every day.  Make good choices for yourself.


  • Respecting others means showing me, your peers, school staff, and everyone else with the same respect you want.  Actively listen when others are speaking, speak nicely or not at all, keep your hands and feet to yourself, and do not mess with other people’s things.


  • Respecting your environment means using shared materials responsibly, cleaning up after yourself, putting things where they belong, treating borrowed things like your own, and treating our classroom and school like your home should be



I look forward to working with each student in having a successful year!  Parents please call or e-mail me with any questions or concerns!



Thank you,

Mr. Trent Hadley