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Social Studies


5th Grade S.S.

Explain how people interact with their environment to meet their needs


Use geographic tools to locate places and describe their characteristics 


Describe how incentives and opportunity costs impacted history


Explain how culture, economics, and the physical environment had an impact on the movement of people, ideas and goods 


Describe the various traditions of diverse groups


Describe how and why cultures diffuse and blend


Compare Kentucky settlers to settlers from other areas in the early years of the United States 


Identify the importance of religion in early colonial society


Explain the social and economic impact of the slave trade


Explain various causes of the American Revolution and the involvement of individuals/groups


Describe the involvement of Kentucky settlers in the American Revolution


Explain how the U.S. government was formed


Explain the three branches of government Describe how the U.S. Constitution gives power to the people


Show roles and responsibilities of a good citizen as well as the rights of citizens


Describe the rights of a citizen in a democratic government 


Analyze how the government helps citizens today and in the past 


Describe why taxes are collected and what they are used for 


Understand important historical documents 


Understand supply and demand


Explain what a market economy is 


Explain how unique economics exchange goods and services help each other


Explain the importance of early inventions in the United States