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Social Studies Standards

3.C.CP.1 Explain the basic purposes and functions of differing governing bodies in the world.

3.C.CP.2  Compare how diverse societies govern themselves.


3.C.RR.1 Examine how the government maintains order, keeps people safe, and makes and enforces rules and laws in diverse world communities.


3.C.CV.1 Compare civic virtues and democratic principles within a variety of diverse world communities.


3.C.PR.1 Explain how processes, rules and laws influence how individuals are governed and how diverse world communities address problems.


3.E.MI.1 Explain how producers and consumers interact to determine the prices of goods and services in markets.


3.E.MI.2  Describe the relationship between supply and demand.

3.E.MA.1 Differentiate between private property and public property.


3.E.MA.2  Investigate how the cost of things changes over time.


3.E.ST.1  Describe examples of economic interdependence.


3.E.IC.1 Explain how people use incentives and opportunity costs to inform economic decisions.

3.E.KE.1  Explain how trade between people and groups can benefit Kentucky.


3.G.MM.1  Analyze how human settlement and movement impact diverse groups of people.


3.G.HI.1 Explain how the cultural aspects of a region spread beyond its borders.


3.G.HE.1 Explain how the culture of places and regions influence how people modify and adapt to their environments.


3.G.GR.1 Explain how physical and cultural characteristics of world regions affect people, using a variety of maps, photos and other geographic representations.


3.G.KGE.1 Describe the impact of cultural diffusion and blending on Kentucky in the past and today.


3.H.CH.1 Create and use chronological reasoning to learn about significant figures, traditions and events of diverse world communities.


3.H.CH.2  Identify contributions made by inventors in diverse world communities.


3.H.CE.1 Compare diverse world communities in terms of members, customs and traditions to the local community.

3.H.CO.1 Evaluate the effects of people, goods and ideas that diffused from one world community into other world communities and the effects on the people, goods and ideas on these communities.


3.H.KH.1 Explain how world events impact Kentucky, both in the past and today.









Understand different types of governments (monarchy, dictatorship, democracy)


Explain the role of government in a community. 


To compare how citizens contribute to their community.


How leaders are chosen in a variety of governments.


How sellers and buyers determine the cost of goods and services. 


What supply and demand are and how they relate to one another.  



Know the difference in private and public land.


Understand how and why prices of goods and services change. 


Give examples of how people and places depend on one another. 


Compare the cost of economic choices. 


Determine how trading goods and services benefit Kentucky.


Explain how settlement impacts people of different backgrounds. 


How information, goods, and ideas spread. 


Explain how people interact with the environment based on their needs. 


Use geographic tools to explain world regions. 


Explain how people interact with one another and cultures blend. 


Use timelines to identify historical people and events. 


Identify important inventors and inventions. 


Tell the difference in cultures around the world. 


Understand how goods and ideas affect others in the world. 


Explain how world events impact(ed) Kentucky. 

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