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U.S. History Classes, Extension Classes  

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I teach 8th grade students at Adair County Middle School. 


The 8th grade U.S. History classes are for the full year term.  Students in my classes will have me as their History (Social Studies) teacher for the full year.

The Extension Classes that I teach daily (1st period "Civil War History through Movies" and 7th period "Civics and Citizenship") are both classes that each last only nine weeks. For example, students in my 1st period Extension Class will only have that class for nine weeks, then their schedule will change to a different teacher's 1st period Extension class or to another teacher's RtI class for the next nine weeks.  No Extension class will be repeated by a student.  The scheduling for 1st & 7th periods is based on testing and class data and performance, and students' may be placed in another extension class or into an RtI class, depending on progress and updated MAP scores in Reading and Math.**  

**Students are always encouraged to perform well on their MAP tests and other assessments to allow them to be enrolled in Extension classes, which are enrichment classes in Social Studies and/or Science that also incorporate Math and/or Reading in the Extension class as much as possible.  Otherwise, based on MAP scores and other assessments, students will be enrolled in remediation classes (RtI) for Math and/or Reading.**

Class Supplies Needed Daily:
  • Grading Policy

    8th grade Social Studies/U.S. History Classes AND Extension Classes -- Grading Policy:

    60% of overall grade = tests/projects averaged together

    40% of overall grade = daily work/quizzes/in-class tasks & assignments avergaged together

    ** IN THE U.S. HISTORY CLASSES ONLY, each nine-week term, the lowest daily grade/quiz/in-class assignment grade of all recorded during the 9-week period will be dropped for each student at the end of that term. This does not include tests/project grades.

    **It is IMPORTANT that students pay attention in class, do the required work, and study for tests...test grades are very important, as they make up 60% of the entire grade earned for the class!

  • What you will need EVERY day in my class:

    Paper & Pencil (paper provided in the classroom binders and/or the student may bring his or her own)

    Your BRAIN! (Don't leave home without it!)


    Willingness to put forth 100% effort.


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    Files / Links  
    • Colonial Life Placards (information for station readings partner activity in class)
      This is a PDF document (**Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open most PDF files; it is a free download from adobe.com) These are the scanned images of the reading information and pictures related to the different aspects of colonial life. Students work with a partner in class to rotate through the readings and make notes about the different aspects of culture of Colonial America.
    • Pacing Guide 8th Grade Social Studies
      The updated Pacing Guide/Curriculum Map for 8th grade U.S. History classes can be found on the Adair County Middle School's webpage--dates are subject to change as the year progresses--this pacing guide presents an 'estimated' time frame for covering content/units identified and is based on the academic standards for 8th grade Social Studies.
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