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Social Studies  

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Fourth Grade Social Studies consists of Kentucky Studies.  We follow the Kentucky Core Content for Assessment 4.1. 
  • New 2019-2020 Social Studies Learning Targets

    4th Grade Social Studies Learning Targets 2019-2020

    We are learning to…



    --To compare monarchies and self-governing systems

    --To describe what self-government is and how it was used by groups in Colonial America

    --Describe the importance of participating in government activities (voting, etc.)

    --To determine whether various forms of government uphold democratic principles

    --To explain a variety of methods to change rules and laws

    --Explain why rules are needed


    --Explain the role of producers, consumers, products and labor in an economy

    --Describe supply and demand

    --Explain how the government has an influence on the economy

    --Explain how trade leads to groups relying on one another

    --Explain the factors of production used in colonial Kentucky

    --To describe why people moved according to resources that were available and what they gave up (opportunity cost)


    --Compare different cultures in colonial America

    --Explain how geography impacted the lives of early settlers

    --To use geographic tools to explain settlement

    --Describe how geography both helped colonization and made it difficult

    --Explain how technology affects the movement of people, goods and ideas


    --Understand how inventions helped the development of the United States

    --Understand how different groups interacted with one another during exploration and settlement

    --Create timelines that show the cause and effects of important historical events 

    --Explain examples of problems groups had as well as how they worked together from exploration to settlement 

    --Identify different groups of people that lived in Kentucky


  • Previous Social Studies "I Can" Statements:

    I CAN...                                        GOVERNMENT
    describe the basic purposes of government.

    list services that state government provides.

    explain how the government pays for services (taxes).

    explain how our government works to protect us.

    label and describe the three branches of government.

    explain what each branch does.

    describe who is in each branch of government.

    explain what democracy is and why it is important.

    describe the roles and responsibilities of good citizens.

    I CAN:
    write a transactive piece (letter, feature article, or brochure) with clear ideas and information.

    organize my transactive piece into paragraphs and/or sections.

    include in my transactive piece formatting (headings), illustrations, and multimedia when useful to aid comprehension.

    write my transactive piece with information gathered through research.

    include transitional words and phrases (another, for example, also, because) in transactive writings.

    use precise language and vocabulary in my transactive piece.

    write a concluding paragraph for my traansactive piece.

    research information for my transactive piece.

    recall important information or research to find the information needed for my transactive piece.

    take notes, categorize information, and document my sources.

    use evidence from literary or informational texts to analyze my research materials.

    use literary or informational texts to reflect upon my research materials.

    use literary or informational texts to support my research.

                                                                                     CULTURES AND SOCIETIES
    I CAN:
    explain who claimed the land of Kentucky and why.

    explain why the French and Indian War happened.

    explain why exploring and settling Kentucky was so important.

    describe who famous explorers of Kentucky were and why they were important.

    explain why the Revolutionary War happened (Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Unfair Taxes, Distance).

    describe what factors make up culture.

    explain why the American Civil War happened.

    describe how different groups interacted during the early settlement of Kentucky (interaction, compromise, cooperation, conflict, competition).

    I CAN...
    explain how resources help us meet our needs and wants.

    identify natural, human, and capital resources.

    explain how goods and services help our economy.

    identify and explain the three parts of an economy (production, distribution, consumption)

    I CAN...

    label the continents, oceans, equator, prime meredian, hemispheres, etc. on various types of maps.

    identify cardinal and intermediate directions on a compass rose and describe maps, graphs, and time zones of the United States.

    know why time zones are important.

    read and understand maps, charts, and graphs on current events (Weekly Reader).

    describe relative and absolute location.

    read lines of latitude and longitude.

    identify and explain the five themes of geography.

    use a graphic organizer for note taking.

    identify and explain physical characteristics of Kentucky's six natural regions.

    list what is unique about Kentucky's six natural geographic regions.

    describe Kentucky's weather and climate.


    explain why settlers used part of the mountains of Kentucky to settle.

    explain why the Bluegrass was first to be settled.

    describe how different factors influenced where people settled in Kentucky.

    explain how cities grew during the 1800s.

    describe how life was like for early immigrants and for all Americans.

    describe various forms of travel during the 1800s (trains, roads, rivers, stagecoaches, wagons, etc.) and how these forms of transportation made life easier.

    describe types of natural disasters that impact life in Kentucky (tornadoes, droughts, floods, etc.).

    explain how the changes people made to the environment have impacted the environment of today. 

    identify how early settlers used Kentucky's land and resources. 

    I CAN...
    explain who the first people in Kentucky were (Ice Age).

    explain how life on the frontier was lived in Kentucky.

    explain how religion was important in early Kentucky.

    explain why Kentucky was important to both the North and the South during the Civil War.

    explain the division in the country during the Civil War.

    describe the African American, the soldier, and women's roles in the Civil War.

    explain how life was for all the country after the Civil War.

    identify and describe specific symbols of Kentucky.

    produce a state symbols quilt.

    explain the culture of the Paleo Indians.

    explain the culture of the Archaic Indians.

    explain the culture of the Woodland Indians.

    explain the culture of the Late-Prehistoric Indians.

    explain the culture of the Historic Indians.

    identify how communication, technology, transportation, and education have changed/improved over time.

    explain how technology has changed over time.

    explain how education in Kentucky today is different from education during the state's settlement.

    explain how various forms of travel are different today than they were for early Kentuckians.

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