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District Asbestos Management

SUBJECT: Asbestos Management Plan for Adair County Schools 

DATE:  6/22/20   

Adair County Schools meets both national and state regulations that relate to asbestos- containing building materials that were used in building construction in past years. 

An inspection for building materials that contain asbestos has been completed for all buildings owned, leased or otherwise occupied by Adair County Schools. This inspection has been conducted by a certified inspector and the sampled materials were evaluated by an accredited laboratory. Building materials containing greater than one percent (1%) asbestos content have been made a part of an Asbestos Management Plan for each school building. 

Records indicate that buildings of newer construction were built with no asbestos specified in their construction, but some of the older buildings (Central Office, Adair County Middle School and satellite buildings, and Maintenance Office) contain confirmed or suspect asbestos-containing building materials. These materials are periodically surveilled to ensure they remain in good condition, and removed or repaired when such guidance is recommended by our contracted consulting firm. 

A complete Asbestos Management Plan for each school building is on file at the office and is available for public review upon request. 

We will continue to notify the public at least once annually on the status of the Asbestos Management Plan. Should it be necessary, more frequent updates will be issued from additional inspections, normal surveillance practices, response actions or remodel work that might disturb building materials that contain asbestos. Every precaution will continue to be used to protect the well-being of students and employees of Adair County Schools.