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Technology is Everywhere Let's Be Safe--Information, Resources and Activities

STLP: Group Photo with Sign
Last Updated: 4/17/2019 10:41 PM


The "Technology is Everywhere: Let's Be Safe" video can be viewed at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4iNWm94YlU&t=16s

2nd grade students in the Adair County Primary Center's Student Technology Leadership Program planned, researched, scripted, recorded, and edited this video about internet safety. In the video the students talk about the internet, how internet filters work, protecting your identity online, social media, cyber bullying, and top tips for internet safety. They also created resources to reinforce the content of their video.


Instruction Project

1.  Taught Lessons

  • Taught an internet safety lesson to 25 classrooms in our school (over 500 kids)

2.  Shared Our Video and Activities with Others

  • We used YouTube, email, school website, and our copyright partners.
  • We shared our video with schools in each of the 50 states and with International Schools around the world. As of April 18, 2019 we had people (majority being principals or classroom teachers) from 36 states in the US and 19 countries contact us by email or on YouTube

3.  Community Internet Safety Night

  • We helped host an Internet safety night for our community entitled "Tech Talk Night"—Joint effort between our schools and local police.

4.  Radio Promotion

  • We will promoted our project on a local Radio station—92.7 the WAVE telling about our project, what we had accomplished so far, and a school wide contest for participation with our project.

5.  Poster Contest

  • Sponsored a poster contest. Selected the top 10 winners who earned a pizza lunch with our school's activity teachers and STLP team.

6. Glow in the Dark Bracelet Challenge

  • After watching the STLP video at home with your family, students brought back a signed ticket to earn the bracelet. This activity encouraged families to talk about internet safety outside of the classroom.

7.  Design Other Related Activities

  • We designed other resources to reinforce the content in our video.
    • Worksheets 
    • A Technology Matching Game for non-reader/reader (ages 4 and up)--Using pictures representing topics in the video, make a match and collect the cards.
    • A Board Game (ages 7 and up)--As you pawns travel around the board you may have to draw a card that will send you back or forth depending on the internet safety statement.
    • A Basic Video Game in which the user needs to make it to the good website and avoid computer viruses
    • Edible Treat in which you create a tablet or phone using popular snack items
    • Made Up an Internet Safety Chant with hand motions.


Kahoot Quiz


Edible Tablet and Smart Phone