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School Nurse


Amy Santo Irvin, ACES School NurseOffice Hours are Monday - Friday from 7:30 to 3:00. 
Lunch times are daily from 11:00 - 11:30.

All prescription medications must be kept in the office while students are at school, with the exception of inhalers.  Inhalers may be kept with the child, but teachers must be notified in writing that the child will have these in their possession.  All prescribed medication must be in an appropriately labeled container and contain the name of a physician or pharmacy.  Only the dosage noted on the bottle can be given.  If the dosage changes, you must send a new bottle.  Medication will be place din a safe place in the office and dispensed by authorized school personnel or the school health nurse.  Students will report to the office to take medication.  All medications are logged when they are given. 
If your child cannot drink milk for breakfast or lunch, we must have proper written documentation.  A doctor should also document all food allergies.  Please do not send any medication to school with your child.  Please make sure that scheduled medications, such as ADHD medications are brought in by a parent/guardian. 

No medication is given after 2:00 p.m. (unless emergency or medications are scheduled at that time).  This is a District Health Department Policy that medications are not to be given out 1-hour before bus loading.

Students entering the 6th grade must have a school physical and updated immunizations.  This must be done before the first day of the students sixth grade school year.  If you would like for the school nurse to do these, please call me at the school to set up an appointment.  Parents must be present when the physical is given.
Please note that I do not do Sports or 4-H Camp physicals.








New Immunization Regulation (effective July 1, 2011)
  1. A second dose of MMR replaces the requirement for a second dose of measles containing vaccine. (Required at age 4)
  2. A second dose of varicella is required at age 4.
  3. Four dose series of Prevnar required for entry (cannot be given past age 5 so there is no makeup for this series)
  4. Tdap, and Meninococcal required for 6th grade entry at age 11-12.
  5. Proof of chickenpox disease in lieu of immunization requirement must now be in the form of a diagnosis of typical varicella disease or verification of a history of varicella disease or herpes zoster disease by a healthcare provider.
  6. Second dose of varicella required for 6th grade entry regardless of age.
No minimum interval required between Td and Tdap. Td to be given if the child has had a reaction to pertussis.
No makeup required if immunizations and physical are obtained prior to July 1st for this year’s entry into 6th grade or kindergarten.