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Adair County Preschool
Learning Targets
Themes: Numbers, Fall, and Fire Safety
English & Language Arts
I can talk.                           
I can listen to a story.                                
I can show you my name.                
I can trace or write my name.
I can tell a story.
I can draw a picture.
I can sing the alphabet.
I can count to 100.
I can count by 5s.
I can count a set of objects and tell you how many there are.
I can show you the set of objects that has more and the set that has less.
I can tell the shape of objects.
I can tell about the pattern on the calendar.
I can name numbers 1-10.
I can write numbers 1-10.
I can tell about the weather.
I can name the season.
I can tell about the fall season.
I can tell about fire safety.
Social Studies
I can tell about school rules.
I can name classroom rules.
I can tell the day, month and year.
I can say the days of the week.
I can say the months of the year.
I can tell about fire safety.
Arts & Humanities
I can tell the color of objects.
I can make a piece of art.
I can listen to music.
I can dance.
I can sing.
I can play a musical instrument.
I can listen to a story.
I can tell a story.
Health Education
I can play with others.
I can follow class rules.
I can find ways to solve a problem.
I can share and take turns.
I can do things for myself.
I can do my best.
Physical Education
I can walk in the classroom without falling or bumping into anything.
I can walk, run, jump, and climb on the playground or gym.
I can move my body in many ways.
I can catch and throw objects.
I can use a pencil.
I can use scissors.
I can work puzzles.
I can use my fingers and hands to play with many objects.
SRA Language for Learning
I can do some actions and tell about them.
I can point to parts of my body.
I can use the words he, she, you, I, they, and we in sentences.
I can tell what objects are doing.
I can name objects using a sentence.
I can name objects in the room or a picture.
I can tell what object is missing.
I can say my name and a friend’s name.
I can tell the name of my school, teacher and city.
I can say the days of the week.
I can tell you who is first, next, and last in line.
I can tell you if objects are on, over, in front of, or in something.
I can tell about opposites.
I can name an object and the parts of it.
I can make cross out marks.
I can draw a line to match objects.
I can tell you the color of a crayon and color the objects that my teacher tells me to color with it.
I can make circles.
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Columbia, KY 42728

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