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Adair Co. Board of Education
Alan W. Reed, Superintendent
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What Are the Parts of Plants? What is the Life Cycle of a Plant?
Plant Parts Identify Flower Parts
Cells - The Units of Life (quiz) Parts of an Animal Cell
Skeleton Jigsaws Parts of a Plant Cell
Ecosystems - HM Book Games Interdependence & Adaptation
Terrestrial Eco-regions of the World Create a Food Web
Animals and Their Babies Classify Organisms
Major Causes of Extinction Sea Monster Adventure
Food Chains Organization of Living Things - HM Book Games
Photosynthesis Fakes & Mistakes


Order of Planets Order of Planets II
Solar System Moon & Earth Matchup
Phases of the Moon Simulation of Moon Phases
Moon Phase Story Moon Phases in Correct Order
Complete Lunar Cycle Cloud Clues
Forecasting the Weather Compare & Contrast Warm & Cold Fronts
Cloud Match Weather Instruments & Clouds
Water Wizard - Interactive Quizzes The Watershed Game
Earth's Layers Weather Channel Kids
The Solid Earth - HM Book Games Earth, Moon & Sun
The Atmosphere & Beyond - HM Book Games Rocks & Soil
 Rock Formation - A Weather Adventure



Forces in Action

Friction & Inertia

Simple Machines

How Can We Move Our Principal? Harcourt Simple Machines
Characteristics of Materials Light & Dark
Sorting & Using Materials Changing State
Solids & Liquids Gases Around Us
Changing Sounds Keeping Warm
Circuits & Conductors Materials, Circuits & Conductors
Gas, Liquid, Solids Light & Shadows
Energy & Motion - HM Book Games The Nature of Matter - HM Book Games
 Circuit Construction Kit (DC only)  
States of Matter- Millionaire Game How We See Things