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Student Goals and Expectations


Student Goals and Expectations

Behavior Goals:  I can...

1.  End each day on "green" or above.  

2.  Receive no behavior tickets and no warnings.

3.  Remember the golden rule:  Treat others as you would like to be treated.


Neatness Goals:  I can...

1.  Keep my work area, table, chair pocket, binder, and caddy neat and clean and free of clutter.  No pencils or books on the floor.  Have only 1 pencil and eraser out at a time.  Return crayons, markers, and other classroom tools to their proper places when finished using them.

2.  Put my name and date on all jobs in my personal best handwriting.  All written work should be personal best.  Not everyone has perfect handwriting, but sloppiness is a choice and a poor habit.

3.  Keep my work in my work folder, not scattered all over the table.

4.  Place only my binder, current AR book, and reading folder in my chair pocket.  

5.  Remember this:  It's okay to make a mess, but it's NOT okay to leave a mess!


Grade and Work Goals...

1.  For all students:  85% and above is a "good work" goal for Accelerated Reader Tests and end of unit tests in math and language arts.

2.  AR goals will be different according to student needs, but everyone will be expected to participate. There are many books for varying interest levels in my classroom.  If you have a large book collection at home, you can check for AR books at the website ARbookfind.com.  There is something for EVERYONE!

3.  Work must be completed within the allotted time frame.  Any incomplete work will be completed Fun Friday or during other free time.


Center Goals:  I can...

1.  Be a good center partner.  Take turns reading and share the work.  Don't expect your center partner to do everything for you.

2.  Be patient!  Listen to one another and help each other.

3.  Share the clean up.  Leave the center exactly as you found it.  Lost pieces to puzzles and games are no fun at all for anyone.

4.  Report serious problems to the teacher.  The teacher needs to know if your center partner is uncooperative.


Classroom Leadership Job Goals:  I can...

1.  Remember to do my job without reminders from the teacher.

2.  Understand that my job is very important and my classmates need me to perform it to my personal best.

3.  Remember that many hands make light work for everyone.


Homework Goals:  I can...

1.  Complete assigned homework and return on time - within three days for homework due to an absence.

2.  Read my newsletter each week for special homework assignments.

3.  Study for spelling tests weekly and for end of unit tests in math, social studies, and science.

4.  Complete my Book-It Goals.  This homework begins in October.  Books may be read to the child by an adult or to the adult by the child.

5.  Complete cursive handwriting homework.  This begins in January.

6.  Ask for help from an adult if needed, but complete all homework in my own handwriting.