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W 8.1  I can write persuasive essays and support my position with clear reasons and evidence.

A  I can introduce my position.

 I can address any counterarguments.

I can organize my paper logically.

B  I can support my position/counterargument with logical statements and evidence.

 I can use accurate sources and show I understand the original text.

C  I can use words, phrases and clauses so my paper makes sense.

D I can create and maintain a formal, academic writing style

E  I can write a solid conclusion that supports my position.

W 8.2  I can write an informative paper that examines a relevant topic.

A  I can introduce my topic clearly.

I can use a variety of strategies to help overall understanding of my paper. (Organization, formatting, graphics, & multimedia).

B  I can develop my topic with relevant, well-chosen details, quotes and other information.

C  I can use a variety of transitions.

D I can use grade-level vocabulary to explain about my topic.

E  I can create and maintain a formal, academic writing style.

F  I can write a solid conclusion that supports my topic.

W 8.3  I can write an effective, fictional narrative story with descriptive details.

A  I can write an engaging story with a point of view and characters.

 I can write and organize a story’s events that make sense.

B  I can correctly use dialogue & pacing to develop the story/characters.

C  I can use transition words in my narrative that show changing time or setting.

D  I can use descriptive vocabulary and precise details to capture the action and events in my story.

E  I can write a logical/complete conclusion to my story. (No: “To Be Continued…”)

W 8.4  I can write clearly.

 I can develop my writing to fit the appropriate audience.

W 8.5 I can use peer and/or adult editors to plan, rewrite, and edit my writing.

W 8.6  I can use appropriate technology to write and publish my writing.

I can cite my sources correctly. ? I can collaborate with my peers online.

W 8.7 I can research a topic to answer a specific question, using several sources.

W 8.9. I can research information online and in print.

 I can search the internet using effective search terms.

 I can determine if a website is credible or not.

 I can avoid plagiarism by using a standard citation format.

W 8.9  I can take information from the text and use it to support my analysis, reflections and research.

A  I can apply all reading standards to literature.

B  I can apply all reading standards to non-fiction text.

W 8.10 I can learn how to write over an extended period of time. ? I can learn how write in a short time frame.





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