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Unit 3 Chapters 5, (6 & 14),15



World History

Unit 3 
Chapter 5

I Can

Describe the geography of Ancient India.  
Explain how Hinduism developed out of ancient Indian beliefs and practices.
Explain how the Jains reacted to Hinduism by breaking away to form their own religion called Jainism.  
Explain how Buddhism began in India and became a major religion.
Explain how the Mauyas and the Guptas built great empires in India.
Explain how the Mauryan Empire unified most of India.
Discuss the great contributions to the arts and sciences made by the people of ancient India.

Chapter 6

I Can...
Explain how the Chinese civilization began with the Shang dynasty along the Huang He.
Explain why civilization began in China along the Huang He and the Chang Jiang rivers.
Explain how Confucius offered ideas to bring order to Chinese society.
Explain how the Qin dynasty unified China with a strong government.
Discuss how trade routes linked China with the Middle East and Rome
With honesty, demonstrate my knowledge of India and China.


Chapter 14

I Can...

Explain how the Period of Disunion was followed by reunification by rulers of the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties.

Explain how Conucian thought influenced the Song government. 

Explain how the Tang and Song dynasties were periods of economic, cultural, and technological accomplishments. 

 Explain how the Chinese were ruled by foreigners during the Yuan dynasty, but they threw off Mongol rule and prospered during the Ming dynasty. 


Chapter 15

I Can

Explain how the geography shaped life in Japan. 
Explain how early Japanese society was organized in clans, which came to be ruled by an emperor. 
Explain how Japan learned about languag, society, and government from China and Korea.
Explain how Japanese nobles created great art in their court at Heian. 
Explain how Buddhism changed in Japan during the Heian period. 
Explain how Japan developed a military society led by generals called shoguns. 



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