My name is Daniel Hedges. I am excited about being your child's teacher. I wanted to take a minute and make a few informational points for you to reference. I have had many of your children in class and have a positive relationship with most of them. They are a great group of students.


       First, I am continually developing new ideas so I can be a better teacher each year. The class this year will be different in several respects, including activities and material covered. I believe in a rigorous curriculum where your child is being prepared for college. I am not a big homework guy, but I do believe in a busy classroom where students are engaged in core content material. Students will have ACT vocabulary and bi-weekly quizzes on these words. Lessons will be designed with a student-centered focus with activities that will be similar to what they will see in college. If your child has special educational needs, I work closely with co-teachers to make sure they get the supports needed. Furthermore, I do everything in my power to make sure your child's grade remains in good standing if I see effort and progress.


   Finally, I want to touch on a couple procedures. I ask that all students have a three ring binder for notes. Next, I will provide a website with important reminders and news about the class at a later day. Students will have access to many course documents on Google Classroom. Last, I need to make the cell phone policy clear. I have pockets in my room and expect students to place them there daily. They will be allowed to pick them up on the way out. I am going to be aggressive about this procedure. Unfortunately, despite efforts, I have learned that these devices only distract and impede the learning process. Please support me in this new procedure.


   Again, I am excited about having your child in class. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Please check the school website for access to information about school. I will keep this website updated with important announcements and information. GO INDIANS!




Daniel S. Hedges